Do not abuse

Use your powers responsibly. If you are caught using your powers to break rules and punish people unprofessionally, you will be stripped off your Administrator Role. If you are a Senior Admin (having the bureaucrat role), we will contact wikia staff to strip you of your bureaucratic rights.

Be active

Lack of activity for an extended period of time will result in a demotion until you increase your activity.

User Rules still apply

As an admin, you are expected to show an example to other users. Breaking user rules constantly will result in a demotion. 

If you are a user, and you catch an admin abusing or breaking rules, make a thread in the forums or notify another admin.

Becoming a Moderator

If you show constant high quality edits for a long period of time, you will be promoted to a moderator.

Becoming an Admin

If you are interested in becoming an Administrator, visit the forums.