Your username must abide to Fandom's guidelines. It must not have swearing or something else offensive. If it is violating, admins may report it to Fandom staff.


Dirty language on a page (including minor obscenities) must be censored. They should be kept to a minimum. Also, if it is in a language other than English, it is advised that you censor it, as there are many people here who don't speak English as their native language and thus may find it offensive.


When making articles, please make sure they make sense. Spelling must be high standard and grammar should at least be up to the standards of your average high schooler. Pages that do not follow the above rules will be polished up or, if they have extremely poor grammar and spelling, simply deleted without question. Please note that we do not allow intentionally poorly written articles here.

If English is not your native language, please seek help from one of the admins.

Offensive content

Sexual/shock content

Please do not add sexual and shock content onto your pages. Writing about sexual intercourse, fetishes, genitalia or other forms of pornography (except censored nudity) is not allowed, but however, writing about hugging and kissing are still allowed.

Racist content

Racist content in any circumstance is not allowed. This includes the "n word".

Homophobic content

All homophobic content is not accepted here, as there is nothing wrong with being LGBT.

Violent content

Although fantasy, cartoon, and mild violence are allowed, intense or graphic violence (e.g watching a character bleed to death and gore) are not allowed.

Claiming ownership

If you made a page, you can claim it as yours. However, all pages are free for anyone to edit if you don't put something like "THIS IS <username>'s PAGE! DO NOT EDIT!" on it.


Vandalism (and deconstructing a page) will not be tolerated. All vandalism an admin discovers will be reverted. You will get 3 warnings for this, and if you continue vandalizing, you will be blocked for a week. Repeat offenders will be blocked for a month.

User communication

  • Users must be respectful to one another when communicating on this wiki. Bullying is not allowed; you will get two warnings for these, and if you continue bullying, you will be blocked for a week. Continued bullying will result in an extended block.
  • If a person doesn't want to be called a certain nickname, don't call them by your nickname. It can be considered a form of bullying if it gets out of hand.
  • Do not post spam, nonsensical or irrelevant comments.
  • If you post a comment using uncensored profanity on an article, it will be removed immediately, unless you censor it.
  • Do not imitate users unless it is done in a non-teasing way.


Sockpuppetry—creating a new account to avoid punishments—is not acceptable. If you're blocked, you're blocked. However, backup accounts are allowed but they should only be used if your account is hacked. There is proof that another account of the same IP address is a backup of "[Backup for *USERNAME*]" or "*USERNAME*'s Backup Account*" is their username.

As of March 23, 2016, if you make a sockpuppet account, it will be permanently blocked.

Shared account

If your account is shared across multiple people, be prepared to take responsibility if one of the people behind the account breaks a rule. Having a shared account is not a valid excuse if you are accused of breaking a rule.

Edit wars

No edit wars. You are only allowed to undo someone's edit three times; any more than that and you will be in trouble. If it is between two administrators, we will get a Wikia staff member to sort it out.

The rule does not apply if:

  • The accounts belong to the same IP address
  • The other account is used only for vandalism
  • The other account is a "backup" account
  • The other account is a sockpuppet of a blocked account

Test pages

Test pages will not be allowed here, unless they're a subpage of your userpage. If a test page has been found, it might be deleted without question.


Please do not create unneeded categories like "Fanon Babies," "Creepy Characters," "Foreign Humans," "Non-Animal," "Evil," and "What has this got to do with PeppaPedia?" If an unneeded category that has been added to a page has been found, it will be removed from the page. If it has been created, it will be deleted.

Unrelated pages

Do not make pages unrelated to Peppa Pig. Crossovers are still allowed, but pages not pertaining to the Peppa Pig universe are not. If an unrelated page has been found, it will be deleted immediately.


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