Peppa and her friends are sucked in a portal going into space, where they meet Rosalina from Super Mario Galaxy.


Narrator: Peppa and her friends are having a BBQ party.

Suzy: Hi Peppa, I want a hamburger and chips for lunch, what about you?

Peppa: I want a hot dog for lunch.

Mummy Pig: Okay. (gives Peppa and Suzy their lunch)

Daddy Pig: I want a hot dog and a pepperoni pizza for lunch.

Mummy Pig: Here's your lunch, Daddy Pig. (gives daddy Pig his hot dog and pepperoni pizza).

Mummy Pig: And what will you have for lunch, George and Richard?

George: Chips.

Richard: Chicken and waffles.

Mummy Pig: Okay. And what will you have for lunch, Emily?

Emily: I want a tuna fish sandwich on rye with a side of slaw, and an ice cream.

Mummy Pig: Okay. (gives George and Richard their lunch) I am going to start the ice cream machine! What flavour do you want?

Emily: Strawberry.

Mummy Pig: (starts the ice cream machine)

(2 minutes later)

Mummy Pig. Here's your lunch. (gives Emily Elephant her lunch and ice cream)

(time passes)

Lio: Man, I really love my Super Mario Galaxy Rosalina Plush Doll and I also love f****** it.

(scene cuts to Daddy Pig finishing his hot dog)

Daddy Pig: Man I really like eating hot dogs.

(Frank and Brenda from Sausage Party walk to Daddy Pig)

Frank: Oh f****, oh god damn, he has god damn cr**py f***ing killed our stupid ass friends.

Brenda: Holy s***!

Daddy Pig: Oh look, talking hot dogs. I never even had a talking hot dog.

Frank and Brenda: F*** RUN FOR YOUR F***ING LIVES!

(Frank and Brenda tries to run but Daddy Pig catches them and devours them)

Daddy Pig: Talking hot dogs taste a lot like regular hot dogs.

(scene cuts back to Lio f***ing his Super Mario Galaxy Plush Doll)

Lio: I think that's enough f****** for now.


Lio (in Luma voice) I love you Rosalina.

Lio (in Rosalina voice) I love you too Luma.

(1 hour later)

Lio: Let's go watch TV with my Rosalina doll.

(Lio gets a remote and presses the on button)

(camera goes back and forward)

Lio (comes closer to the screen) Wait a minute?


Lio: So Mary Moo Cow is a good show after all.

(Super Mario Galaxy Rosalina Plush pops out a seam and string pops out in the neck)

Lio (notices the string popped in the neck)


(Lio is screaming so loud that everyone around the world can hear it and a portal opens in the sky and sucks Daddy Pig)

Mummy Pig: Where are you Daddy Pig (gets sucked by the portal)

(everyone gets sucked in the black hole excluding Peppa Pig, George Pig, Suzy Sheep, Rebecca Rabbit, Emily Elephant, Lisa fox, Brianna Bear, Talking Tom, Talking Ben, Lio and his "broken" Super Mario Galaxy Rosalina Plush, Bertram Bliter, Brianna Cutie, Edna Elephant, and Cressida Coyote)

Talking Tom. I wonder where the black hole we'll lead to?

Lisa Fox. I agree.

Brianna Bear. Even more.

(everyone gets sucked in the black hole as well)

(a tiny star comes out of nowhere)

Peppa. Where did this come from?

(all of the stars get bigger and form on everyone)

(a blue swirly light comes and everyone falls down as they get sucked in the blue swirly light)

Narrator. Meanwhile, at space...

Peppa. (gets up) Where are we?

(Luma flies over Peppa)

Peppa: Who are you?

Luma: Skya Skya Skya (Translation: I'm a Luma)

Peppa: Oh, a Luma.

Danny Dog: For some reason, I've heard of these guys before, not sure where)

Edmond Elephant: The Lumas are from Super Mario Galaxy, you must be at a comet observatory.

Narrator: Edmond knows a lot about video games, he is a clever clogs.

Lio: Oh s***, I better hide my Super Mario Galaxy plush doll.

Mummy Pig: Why did you scream so loudly and why do you want to hide it?

Lio: Because she is broken and I don't want Rosalina, the real one not the plush doll to notice that I like f****** a plush doll of her.

Mummy Pig: But it's just a tiny string but let me fix it.

(Mummy Pig grumbles while fixing the string because she doesn't like doing work that is not broken at all)

Mummy Pig: Here (gives the plush doll to Lio) and if you don't want her to know, then stop f****** it.

Lio: OK.

(Rosalina comes)

Lio: Holy s***, it's her.

Write the rest, Mac+Cool



  • This is the first appearance of Rosalina in person, not plush doll.
  • This episode is also called "On Another Universe, Remastered Version" because the original On Another Universe is scrapped because it's s***.

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