Peppa Pig Revisited is a popular web series by 1happycats. The stories are actually borrowed from almostdone69's videos

Main Characters

  • Peppa: A cheeky little piggy.
  • Emily: An elephant who is Peppa's adopted sister, since she lost George.
  • Mrs. Pig: Peppa and Emily's mother. Her nickname in the credits is Mrs. "Mummy" Pig.
  • Mr. Pig: Peppa and Emily's father. His nickname in the credits is Mr. "Daddy" Pig.

Minor or background characters

  • Dr. Di-li-li-ling: A sheep doctor.
  • Weegee: Mentioned in The Messy House and not seen in any other episodes yet.
  • Rebecca: A rabbit.
  • Mrs. Rabbit: Rebecca's mother
  • Dr. Dentist: A gazelle dentist. (may be Madame Gazelle)
  • Mr. Dinosaur: Emily's toy. It was originally George's but George was lost according to the comments, so Peppa adopted Emily. It was invisible.

Other background characters

Other characters


List of Peppa Pig Revisited episodes

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