Animatronics of Unforeseen Doom is another Peppa Pig The Movie Sidestory in which Peppa and George unite with former enemies Ben and Holly to defeat Freddy Fazbear and his creepy gang.

The movie takes place after the ending of Peppa Pig : The Movie 2, in which the animals and forest creatures become friends. They hang out at Freddy Fazbear's Pizza, but George then needs to go to the toilet, and gets stuck in the stall for a long long time. So long that the place closes for the night before they get out. After witnessing the horrors and barely surviving, they try to solve the mystery of what is going on at the pizzeria.


Voice Actors

Lily Snowden·Fine

Peppa Pig

Oliver May & Alice May

George Pig

Preston Nyman

Ben Elf

Sian Taylor

Holly Fairy

David Graham

The Wise old Elf

Grandpa Pig

Scott Cawthon

Freddy Fazbear

Chica Chicken

Foxy Fox

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