Peppa Pig Visits Turkmenistan is an episode of the Peppa Pig TV series that was first aired in April 2015.


Peppa Pig sits on the sofa, looking at a map of the world. She plans to go to Uzbekistan but then changes her mind. Instead, she decides to go to Turkmenistan. She goes to Daneham Airport and gets a flight to Moscow, followed by one to Ashgabat.

When she gets to Ashgabat, she goes to the Turkmen Fine Arts Museum. She then does a massive fart so big that the Turkmenistani government try to send her back to Peppatown. She then escapes to Turkmenbashi, where she relaxes on the beach for a few minutes until the police chase her. She quickly swims for her life across to Azerbaijan and arrives at Baku. In Baku she does massive farts, so then several Azerbaijanis chase her into Turkey. She goes to Ankara and Istanbul, farting on her way.

She wakes up and it was all just a dream.