Peppa Pig at the Movies is a 2016 fanon episode in Peppa Pig.

Rated: TV K for Kids

Narrator: Peppa And Her Family Going to Movies

Peppa: I love Movies

Daddy Pig: (Driving) Yes, Eat Popcorn and Candy

Pig Family: (Gets out of car and walks through the door.)

Mummy Pig: Hello we would like a Small Popcorn with Candy and Drink

Mummy Fox: No Talking

Mr. Fox; But I cant go, who's gonna run my shop?

Daddy Pig: I can!

Mr. Fox: Ok bye!

Freddy Fox: Can I stay here mummy?

Mummy Fox: Owner and Manger

Mummy Sheep: Hello,

Daddy Pig: (Walks behind counter) Ok, Mummy Pig, Can you go round back and get a watch?

Mummy Pig: (Go's round back) Certanily!

Suzy Sheep: Hello Peppa.

Peppa Pig: Hello Suzy.

Suzy Sheep: Wheres Mr. Fox?

Peppa: in Manger Room

Mummy Pig: ......................................................

Mummy Sheep: Why Thank You for Showing me

Mummy Fox: am Owner

Freddy Fox:Hes Manger of Movies

Mr. Fox: (Walks in) Am Manger

Patrick Fox: I Like Fox Movies

Peppa: Me Too

Suzy: I Like Sheep Movies

Daddy Pig; is movie Starting now

Mr. Fox; Yes

Narrator; 9 Hours Later

Daddy Pig Movie Over Time go House


  • Its the first apperance of Patrick Fox.