Peppa: Mummy, can I travel to the real world and play on CreationBeTheWorld23's PlayStation 3?

Mummy Pig: Yes.

Suzy Sheep: Can I come?

Peppa: Yes.

[Peppa and Suzy come to a fountain and jump in]

[Glowing stars form over Peppa and Suzy]

Peppa: *takes off the manhole cover* Wow! *rents a car and drives it to 16 Arizona Street*

Suzy Sheep: Let's go inside!

Peppa: Yeah!

[Peppa and Suzy go inside]

Suzy Sheep: I'm an electronics whiz! *turns on CreationBeTheWorld23's PlayStation 3* Use the remote, Peppa!

Peppa: This remote? *picks up a TiVo remote*

Suzy Sheep: Use the remote for the actual TV!

Peppa: Oh. *picks up the Philips TV remote and selects Source, then changes it to HDMI 2* The controller isn't on! *turns on the controllers*

[The PlayStation 3 startup screen shows up, the music plays]

CreationBeTheWorld23: I'll join you! *connects a third controller and starts up Minecraft*

Suzy Sheep: I'll change my skin to the Sheep guy!

Peppa Pig: And mine will be the Pig guy!

[CreationBeTheWorld23, Peppa and Suzy change their skins and play in the world named "Happiness"]


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