Peppa plays Minecraft...


Peppa Pig: *at the store* Here's Minecraft! *puts it on the cashier*

[cuts to Peppa playing Minecraft on the PT3 Super Slim]

George Pig: Hi! *presses X, making her character jump*


[1 hour later]

Daddy Pig: Stop playing, Peppa, it's dinner time.

[Peppa begins playing Minecraft on her uPhone]

Peppa: *throws her plate off the table*

Mummy Pig: Peppa! I'll need to put your food on a tray and send you to your room! *puts Peppa's food on a tray and sends Peppa to her room* Finish your dinner, or no TV for a month.

[Peppa eats her food and plays Minecraft]

Peppa: Ooh, look at my house! It's so gorgeous!

[Emily joins in and blows up Peppa's house with TNT]

Peppa: *kicks Emily and sends her a PTN message*

[cuts to Emily at her manor reading the PTN message]

Emily Elephant: Emma Ewwww-lephant, why the hell did you blow up my Minecraft house?

[cuts back to Peppa]

Mummy Pig: Bedtime!

[George goes to sleep but Peppa stays wide awake]

Peppa: I'm wide awake
I'm wide awake
I'm wide awake
Yeah, I was in the dark,
I was falling hard with an open heart *falls asleep and her head hits the power button on her PT2, then the PT2 turns on and the RSoD appears* AAAH!!!

[Peppa's screaming wakes up everybody in the house]

Mummy Pig: Peppa! Why did you send in an RSoD?

Peppa: There was a Grand Theft Puddle DVD-ROM in there! *resets the console and starts the Mr. Potato Movie*

[cuts to the DVD menu]

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