Peppa RPG Screenshot

Peppa fighting a Dannysaur.

Peppa RPG - Might and Magic is a brand new RPG game starring Peppa and her friends. This game is like mother, final fantasy, legend of zelda games, with peppa stylish stuff


All is going well in Peppa's realm. The world is peaceful, the birds are singing, the children are playing. However, suddenly, a villain from an alternate dimension swoops in, flying on a dragon, and kidnaps Madame Gazelle! In the process, he drops four elemental gems - Fire, Water, Earth and Air. Peppa and her friends must go on a quest of epic proportions and use these newly-found magical artifacts to save Madame Gazelle from the evil villain and bring order back to Peppa Pig's realm!


Name Description Strength Weakness
Peppa Pig The one who is destined to possess the four elemental gems. She is able to harness and unleash the power of the artefacts in order to do devastating damage to her enemies. She can also combine the powers of the gems to create new elements with unique properties. Magic N/A
George Pig A knight who is great at offense, but not so great at defense. He is a powerful asset to Peppa's team, but he will lose health quickly unless he is protected. Attack Defense
Suzy Sheep The healer of the group. She is able to use healing magic. High defense, but she is not great at attacking. Defense Attack

Rebecca Rabbit

A very agile fighter, but has a very low defense stat, which makes her an easy target. Speed Defense
Danny Dog A well-rounded fighter who can deal good amounts of damage as well as defend himself and his group effectively. Defense N/A
Madame Gazelle The damsel in distress! N/A N/A
Baby Alexander A secret fighter that can use his loud cry to stun or destroy enemies. Magic Speed


Progress through Peppa's realm and into the alternate dimension, discovering knowledge about the elements and finding out the mystery behind Madame Gazelle's disappearance! Peppa can harness the powers of the elements and create new ones when she learns more about them. These are key to the adventure, and will help greatly in our heroes' quest to rescue Madame Gazelle. Fight enemies such as rabid ducks, muddy puddle summons, treants and possessed citizens! Battles are turn-based like in Final Fantasy or any other RPG.


In "battle for peppatown" or whatever, theres a bonus level in which you will be on a ps2 building battling heropig. So we decided to make another bonus level here about that


Peppa Pig's spells

Spell Effect Requirements

Out of Battle - allows Peppa and her friends to cross bodies of water.          

In Battle - floods the enemies in a wave of water.

Level 1


Out of Battle - allows Peppa and friends to grow plants.

In Battle - throws rocks at the enemies.

Level 1

Out of Battle - allows Peppa and friends to float.

In Battle - blows the enemies away with a gust of wind.

Level 1

Out of Battle - burns things.

In Battle - burns enemies.

Level 1

Out of Battle - creates regenerative muddy puddles.

In Battle - blinds the enemies with mud.

Level 2

Water + Earth


Out of Battle - n/a

In Battle - fires a bolt of lava at the enemy. 

Level 4

Earth + Fire


Out of Battle - raises the temperature of an area. Useful for melting ice.

In Battle - heats the enemies up.

Level 5

Air + Fire


Out of Battle - lowers the temperature of an area. Useful for freezing water.

In Battle -  freezes the enemy.

Level 5

Air + Water


Out of Battle - n/a

In Battle - fires a lightning bolt at the enemy. 

Level 8

Hot + Air


Out of Battle - n/a

In Battle - encases the enemy in ice.

Level 10 

Cold + Water


Out of Battle - can be used to fix electrical cables

In Battle - creates a shield of metal surrounding all allies.

Level 15

Cold + Earth


Out of Battle - n/a

In Battle - creates an earthquake which trips enemies

Level 19

Earth + Earth


The ultimate spell which Peppa can only learn after she has mastered the other spells. Can only be used in battle.

In Battle - unleashes the full force of the four elements against all enemies. This is a critical and powerful spell, so it can only be used once per battle.

Level 50

Possession of the Book of Knowledge

Earth + Water + Air + Fire

George Pig's attacks

Attack Effect Requirements
Basic Attack A basic attack. 2-3 DMG to enemy Level 1
Common Attack More powerfull attack 3-5 DMG to enemy Level 3
Weak punch Small punch 4-5 DMG to enemy Level 5

Suzy Sheep's spells

Spell Effect Requirements
Minor Heal Heals one ally for about 10 HP. Level 1
Heal Heals one ally for about 50 HP. Level 3
Major Heal Heals one ally for about 75 HP. Level 7
Minor Group Heal Heals the whole group for about 20 HP. Level 9
Group Heal Heals the whole group Levelfor about 60 HP. Level 13
Drain Drains some health from an enemy. Level 14
Great Drain Drains more health from an enemy. Level 18
Great Group Heal Heals the whole group for about 200 HP. Level 20
Revive Revives a fallen ally. Level 24
Great Revive Revives a fallen ally with more chance of success. Level 27
Essence of Life Completely heals the whole group, cures status ailments, and revives allies if needs be.

Level 35

Rebecca Rabbit's attacks

Attack Effect Requirements

Danny Dog's attacks

Attack Effect Requirements
Tiny defense Reduces attack effect to one foe (Failure - 4%) Level 1
Small defense Reduces attack effect to one foe (4% - 9%) Level 3
Tiny decrease Reduces attackk effect to a whole group of foes (Failure - 4%) Level 4
Medium defense Reduces attack effect to one foe (10% - 14%) Level 6