Peppa: Ugh! *rips off the decal which showed naked girls*

Tommy Pickles: *throws the PS3*

Chuckie: I hate Zahgsoja! *breaks the discs*

Lil: We've got more to do! We need to smash the PS4! *smashes the PS4*

Phil: *breaks the discs*

Kimi: We done nothing to the controllers! *throws the controllers out of the broken window*

[They go outside]

Lil: Chuckie, throw THE PSP INTO THE FOUNTAIN! *strips and swings on a wrecking ball* I came in like a wrecking ball! *demolishes Zahgsoja's manor*

Chuckie: *throws the PSP into a fountain*

[cuts to Zahgsoja's killing room]

Subliminal Message Girl: EAT THE BABY! NOW!

Peppa: Can you throw the Xbox 360 off the balcony first? I'll eat the baby after that.

Subliminal Message Girl: OK. *throws the Xbox 360 off the balcony*

Peppa: Now I will eat the baby! *eats the baby*

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