This page will be a Transcript-type story for when Peppa stands up for Pedro after him being teased and getting pushed by Emily, Brianna, and Lisa.

Peppa can't stand up to bullies (Part 1)

[Peppa is seen asleep in bed as Mummy Pig came down the hallway, she opens up the door]

Mummy Pig: Peppa, it's time to get up and go to Playgroup!

Peppa: *Yawn* Mummy, can I please stay home today?

Daddy Pig: *Walks in* What's going on, honey?

Mummy Pig: Daddy Pig, Peppa wants to stay home today.

Daddy Pig: What!? Peppa, I thought you loved Playgroup.

Peppa: I do.

Daddy Pig: Then why do you not want to go to Playgroup?

[The alarm clock on Peppa's dresser buzzes and Peppa got up and ran]

Mummy and Daddy: *Giggles*

[Peppa went into the Bathroom, thinking about her day that she's predicting]

Peppa: *In thoughts* Bullies, bullies, bullies. *Sigh*

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