[Peppa and her gang arrive at the school]

Peppa: Wow! What a place! Look at all the kids!

[Children like Bertram Bliter, Brianna Cutie, Betty Badger, Taylor Tapir and Charles Cat are seen going around the school]

Pedro: Like I always say, interesting!

[The bell is heard and Peppa's class line up]

Peppa: Gang, it's great to all be in the same class!

Suzy: Yeah!

Miss Antelope: *takes the kids to the classroom*

Peppa: Awwr. I have to sit next to Emily Elephant and sit opposite her walkie-talkie girls Lisa Fox and Brianna Bear.

Miss Antelope: Right, class. I'm your teacher, Miss Antelope. First off, we'll do maths. What's four plus six?

Emily: Ten!

Miss Antelope: Very good, Emily. What's eight plus eight?

Emily: Sixteen!

Miss Antelope: Very good, Emily. What's seven plus four?

Emily: Eleven!

Miss Antelope: Congratulations, Emily.

Peppa: Oh. Emily's getting top grades.

Miss Antelope: All right, class, time for lunch!

[The kids eat their food and go outside]

Peppa: I wish Emily wasn't getting top grades.

Suzy: Yeah. But I suppose that's just how she is.

Danny: I can see why you hate her, but I'm IN LOVE with her.

Peppa: And now you're forcing us to come to exclusive Elephant events.

Danny: But if I'm there, I'll need you, Pedro and Suzy there too.

Peppa: I get it, but Emily is so snobby, isn't she?

Danny: Yeah.

Pedro: What are you guys talking about?

Peppa: This isn't a nerdy thing, Pedro. Go away.

Pedro: Oh, that's right. You think I'm a nerd. *walks off sadly*

Peppa: Pedro, come back! I didn't mean to be mean, it's just that you wouldn't be interested!

Pedro: I understand. There are things that I'd find more interesting, anyway. I'll go look at them! *leaves*

[Lunch time ends and Peppa's class line up]

Miss Antelope: *takes the class back inside* Now for spelling! How do you spell indicate?

Brianna: I-N-D-I-C-A-T-E. Indicate.

Miss Antelope: Very good, Brianna. How do you spell qualify?

Lisa: Q-U-A-L-I-F-Y. Qualify.

Miss Antelope: Very good, Lisa. How do you spell confectionary?

Brianna: C-O-N-F-E-C-T-I-O-N-A-R-Y. Confectionary.

Miss Antelope: Brianna and Lisa, you did fantastically well!

Peppa: Awwr, I still didn't succeed. Well, I suppose they were hard words to spell, especially the last one.

Miss Antelope: Time for recess!

[The kids eat their food and go outside]

Peppa: I wish SOMEONE in my gang could win, even if it's not me.

Back in class.....

Miss Antelope: Can you all draw pictures about your first day of school?

Peppa and her class: Yes!

[They all start drawing their pictures]

Peppa: Pedro, try to win for me.

Pedro: But you said I was a nerd!

Peppa: You aren't when it comes to artwork!

Pedro: Okay! *finishes drawing picture*

Miss Antelope: Pedro, what a wonderful picture of you, Suzy, Danny and Peppa all together in the classroom!

Pedro: Thanks, Miss Antelope!

Peppa: Pedro, I love you. You saved our gang from failing.

Pedro: I know. *giggles*

[The parents arrive]

Mummy Pig: How was school, Peppa?

Peppa: Terrible until Pedro saved me. It's a long story.

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