Peppa The Killer Pt. 2 is an episode of Scream!


After killing other people, Peppa goes on a killing spree again.


[Recap sequence]

[At Peppa's house]


Stuart: Isn't that the theme song of Kim Possible?

Billy: Yeah, and your daughter is a killer now.

Stuart: She was munching on my drugs.

Mummy Pig: Oh no!

George Pig: NOOOOO!

Daddy Pig: I survived!

Dark Lord: (demonic voice) I WANT YOUR SOUL!

Daddy Pig: Uh oh!

George Pig: Noooo!

Mummy Pig: Oh no!

Dark Lord: (zaps Mummy Pig) Haha! You lose!

Mummy Pig: I'm dead

Dark Lord: Now you face my true form! I'm in the mood!

[Dark Lord reveals his true form]

Heinrich Pig: Don't cry! I'm just only Heinrich! Your adopted 15 year old brother!

George Pig: [laughs] But your sister is a killer!

Heinrich Pig: Oh, poor Stuart and Billy

George Pig: Stuart and Billy?

Stuart: *sings Cuttoast*

George Pig: That's ok! I'll just talk to him indeed!

Heinrich Pig: Yes, i'm revealed! No more Dark Lord!

Peppa the Killer: MWHAHAHA

Heinrich Pig: Oh no!

Peppa the Killer: *grabs Ghostface mask and kills Jimmy Nutrin*

Stuart: Oh my god she killed Jimmy!

Billy: You idiot!


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