since skids is dead, peppa and george want their own car.

Peppa: Let's get a car!

George: Yeah!

(they walk to the car shop)

Dude: Hey there!

Peppa: We want a car.

Dude: Initials, 1st pig?

Peppa: PP.

Dude: *writes PP on front of car) Any number?

Peppa: 14.

Dude: *writes 14 next to PP on front of car* You now have the PP 14!

Peppa: Paint it red please.

Dude: *Paints the car red* There you go!

George: My initials are GP.

Dude: *Writes GP on front of another car* number?

George: 10.

Dude: *writes 10 next to GP on front of car* You now have the GP 10!

George: paint it blue please.

Dude: *paints car blue* there you go.

Peppa and George: Thank you!

(peppa and George drive home, Peppa in her PP 14 and George in his GP 10)

The end. Please make a few sequels.