10 Peppa
This article has been rated 10 meaning it may contain censored swearing in it.
This episode has been banned due to inappropriate speech and/or behavior in it.

Peppa and George go to Braden's House is a fanon episode.



[Peppa and George look at Braden's house]

Peppa Pig: Wow! It's Braden's house! Come on George, let's go into his house and up to his room.

George Pig: [goes on Braden's iPad and starts drawing Rob Zombie]

Peppa Pig: George, what the hell are you doing?

George Pig: I'm drawing, can't you see?

Peppa Pig: Let me see it, George.

George Pig: [snorts twice]

Peppa Pig: Umm... what is this?

George Pig: Dine-saw! Grrrr!

Peppa Pig: No, it's Rob Zombie.

George Pig: [pulls a comic out of a box]

Peppa Pig: George, what are you doing? [looks] George, that's not yours! Put it back in the box!

George Pig: [ignores Peppa and continues reading]

Peppa Pig: [pulls the comic out of his hands and puts it back in the box] Like I said, that's not yours! Can I make myself anymore clear?

George Pig: *cries*

Peppa Pig: Don't worry, George; Braden is here - I will tell him all about what happened.

Braden McAbee: What's going on here!?

Peppa Pig: Hey, Braden!

George Pig: [snorts twice]

Braden McAbee: Daddy, there's two pigs here! Who are you?

Peppa Pig: My name is Peppa Pig! I jump in the biggest muddy puddles in the Peppaverse. [points to George] This is my little brother George! He's retarded, and he has an autistic obsession with dinosaurs!

George Pig: [snorts in anger] Fuck off.

Peppa Pig: Anyway, it's nice to meet you!

Braden McAbee: Nice to meet you too, Peppa! My name is Braden Dale McAbee!

Peppa Pig: Alright, we're leaving. Come on George, stop obsessing over Braden's dinosaurs! We need to get a move on!

George Pig: Bye bye!

Braden McAbee: Good-bye! [sighs] Thank god those pigs are gone.

The End