Peppa: Hey, Wendy!

Wendy: Hey, Peppa!

Peppa: How come you're not around much these days?

Wendy: Because me and the Wolf family are too busy rowing people to the other side of the river with our boat. We rowed your family across once.

Peppa: Oh, yes!

Wendy: Anyway, never mind that. Remember the time me and some other kids wanted to join your gang before you formed it?

Peppa: Yes. I remember.

Pedro: Peppa, can you please let Wendy join us for the day?

Peppa: Okay, but just this once.

Wendy: Wow! You've got a great little treehouse up there. Is that where you guys meet?

Peppa: Yes, it is. Come on up.

[She and Wendy go into the treehouse]

Peppa: It took quite a while to build this thing, but not over an hour. And to make it look cool, I added posters.

Wendy: I see. It's fantastic! What do you guys do in your gang?

Peppa: You'll see when we have our next meeting. Suzy! Danny! Pedro! It's meeting time!

[Suzy, Danny and Pedro come into the treehouse and they talk about ways to defeat Emily Elephant]

Wendy: I see. Now I understand.

Mummy Wolf: Wendy! Time to go home!

Wendy: Okay, Mum! Bye, Peppa! Bye, Suzy! Bye, Danny! Bye, Pedro! *leaves*

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