Narrator: Peppa and her friends are swimming for animals because they need to be rescued.

Peppa: Got one!

Suzy: got another one!

Candy Cat: GOT THREE!

Danny: got 10!

Ok, Emily now you get to bandage now.

Emily: OK! (wraps really fast like peso)

All Animals: Thanks!

Narrator: Suddenly, without warning, the octonauts came in, and caught peppa and her friends helping the creatures.

Captain Barnacles: HEY! WE WERE TO DO THAT!!!!!!!!!!

Peppa: No, my friends had to!

Peso: WHAT HAVE YOU DONE?!!!!!!!

Suzy: I DID NOTHING!!!!!

Kwazii: YES YOU DID!!!


Captain Barnacles: Because WE DO IT NOT THEM!


Narrator: Oh No! Peppa and her friends are arguing with the Octonauts.

Mysterious Pirate: Why are you arguing?

Suzy: Because the Octonauts say we should not help the animals.

Mysterious Pirate: My Grandson knows my name. It is Calico Jack!

Kwazii: Calico Jack!!!! (Passes out)

Captain Barnacles: Sorry we blamed it on you guys for doing same work. Bye Guys!

Calico Jack: I have to leave now. Bye Kwazii!

Kwazii: Bye! *Sobs*

Kwazii: Well peppa, i have to go now, so bye!

Peppa and all her friends: Bye!

Narrator: Peppa and her friends became good friends with the octonauts, then

Peppa and her friends went home.


This is a good story for a replacement of the canon pages.

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