Suzy: Peppa, what do you want for Christmas?

Peppa: I've just wanted a yo-yo this year, a toy train another year, and more stuff after 730 days! Yahoo!

Suzy: Oh! (giggles) Fabulous! I'll ring Santa Claus. (grabs the iPhone) Hello?

Santa Claus: (over phone.) Is this Christmas Eve? I'll say. Ho-ho-ho! Good-bye. (hangs up the phone)

Suzy: (sighs) Great. What do you want for Christmas, my friend?

Peppa: Presents! Santa brings presents for me and a gazillion friends of mine! (giggles)

Suzy: Did you say the 500 days of Christmas, Peppa?

Peppa: Yes, Suzy. I did. (giggles)

Suzy: Ooh, sweet! (giggles)

(that night...)

Daddy Pig: Nighty-night, children. Have some of your Christmas dreams. (kisses Peppa and George goodnight)

Peppa: Goodnight, daddy. (giggles) Have sweet dreams, George. (kisses George goodnight)

George: (giggles) That little smooch tickles me! Sweet dreams, big sister... (kisses Peppa goodnight)

Peppa: Goodnight, George... (closes her eyes, and snores lightly)

(in the middle of the night...)

Santa Claus: (offscreen) Ho-ho-ho!

Peppa: (wakes up) Huh?! What's that sound coming from??? George! Wake up! Santa's coming!!

George: (mumbles, then yawns loudly) Wha-what?

Santa Claus: (offscreen) MEEEEERRY CHRISTMAAAAAAAAAAS!!! Ho-ho-ho-ho!

Peppa: It's...

Peppa and George: SANTA CLAUS!! HOORAAAAAAAAAAY!!! (they both go back to sleep)

(on Christmas morning...)

Peppa: (yawns, then rubs her eyes) Mmm... It's the one...

George: The only...

Peppa and George: BEST DAY OF THE YEAR!!!!! (they both run downstairs)

Peppa: (gasps) Wow! Just what I always wanted! Whoa-ho-ho! It's a toy robot! (imitates robot) Beep-beep-boop! (giggles) I love Christmas!

Daddy Pig: Morning, children. How's it going?

Peppa and George: DADDYYYYYY!!!

Daddy Pig: Whaaaaa! (the breakfast tray and the food fell on top of him) Oof!

Peppa: It's Christmas, Daddy!

Daddy Pig: What?! Where's Christmas?

George: Santa bought me gazillions and gazillions of presents! (giggles)

Daddy Pig: Well, I'll be. (chuckles)

(door opens)

Uncle Pig: (gasps) Merry Christmas, brother! (kisses Daddy Pig)

Daddy Pig: Hey, hey... Cut it out, Uncle Pig! No kissing!

Auntie Pig: Hello, kids. Where are my kisses?! (smooches Peppa and George uncontrollably)

Peppa: What?! Oh, no! Ugh! That's gross!

George: (giggles) That's ticklish!

Granny Pig: Merry Christmas, grandchildren! (smooches George's forehead, then smooches Peppa's legs)

Peppa: (giggles) Hey... You're slobbering up my legs!

Chloe: Good morning, cousin Peppa. How's Christmas going today?

Grandpa Pig: (holding baby Alexander) Merry Christmas, everybody! How's it going today?

baby Alexander: (singing) Jingle bells, batman smells, robin laid an egg...

Peppa: (carries baby Alexander gently) Merry Christmas, baby Alexander! (giggles)

Alexander: (cries) WAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!

Chloe: There, baby Alexander my baby brother. Don't cry. It will be okay... (smooches baby Alexander's forehead)

baby Alexander: (stops crying, then smiles) Ooh! (giggles) Christmas, Christmas, Christmas!

Granny and Grandpa Pig: Merry Christmas, daughter! How's this holiday?

Mummy Pig: Perfect. (chuckles)

Daddy Pig: Hey, everyone. What's--

Uncle Pig: Shhh! Can't you ever be quiet, brother?!

Daddy Pig: Oh. Sorry, brother. (whispering) What's going on?

Uncle Pig: Good boy, Daddy Pig... (chuckles)

Peppa: Let's play in the snow!

George: Yes!

Chloe: Yes, indeed! (giggles, then runs outside)


Peppa: (singing) Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer, had a very shiny nose! And if you ever saw it--

George: Incoming! (dives on top of Peppa)

Peppa: Ouch! George!

George: Oops. Sorry, big sister. (giggles) Let's play some more, Chloe my cuz!

Chloe: Righty on, Georgie! (giggles) Cannonball! (throws George)

George: Whoa! (flies over a log, then lands) Whew! That was close!

Peppa: My turn! (jumps over three logs) Oh, boy! (giggles)

Auntie Pig: (offscreen) Children! Dinner!

Uncle Pig: (offscreen) Din-din's ready!

Peppa, George, and Chloe: Oh, boy! Dinner's ready! (they all giggle, and run inside)


Mummy Pig: (holding the dinner tray) Oh, boy. Isn't it lovely?

Auntie Pig: Yes, Mummy Pig. It is lovely. (chuckles)

Mummy Pig: (opens the lid of the tray) Ta-da!

Everybody: (gasp in unsion) WOW-WOW-WOW!!!

Mummy Pig: Ooh, turkey! Eat up, kids!

Peppa, George, and Chloe: Okay, Mummy! (they all giggle, then gobble up their foods one by one)

Daddy Pig: KIDS!! Where are your manners?!

George: (burps) Excuse me. (giggles)

Chloe: Yum! That turkey sure tastes good!

Peppa: Double good!

George: Triple good! (giggles)

Grandpa Pig: Okay, everyone. Who wants to sing some of my beloved carols?

Everybody: (in unsion) We do!

(piano starts to play, then everybody sings along)

Everybody: (singing in unsion) We wish you a merry Christmas! (x3) And a happy new year!

(at 9:00 P.M....)

Daddy Pig: Bedtime, kids!

Peppa: Not yet!

Chloe: Christmas can't be over!

George: Yeah!

Daddy Pig: Well, then... Goodnight, kids! (kisses his children one by one)

Peppa: (sighs) I wish nobody celebrates Christmas...

George and Chloe: Yeah.

Peppa: Wait! I can make a wish. (clears throat) I wish... I wish the calendar will become December 25th every day for a year.

(the star shoots over the house)

Peppa, George, and Chloe: It's working! YAAAAY!!! (they all jump into their beds, and snore lightly)

(the next morning...)

Peppa: (yawns, then rubs her eyes) Mmm... Wake up, George. Wake up, Chloe.

George: What?

Chloe: Huh?

Peppa: (looks at the calendar) Gee... (sighs) That will be 365 days for now.

(Peppa, George, and Chloe creep down the stairs)

Peppa: Wow. I sure hope Santa comes back this year.

George: Yeah. (rips up the paper box, but suddenly...)

Daddy Pig: Merry Christmas, kids!

Peppa: AAAH!

George: AAAAH!

Chloe: AAAAAH!!



Daddy Pig: Whoa! Okay, kids. What's the big deal?

Peppa: It's Christmas again!

Chloe: It's Christmas again, uncle!

George: Two days in a row!

Daddy Pig: Well, I'll be.

(door opens)

Uncle Pig: Merry Christmas, brother!

Auntie Pig: Where are my kisses?! (smooches Peppa, George, and Chloe)

Chloe: Stop, mummy, stop!

Granny Pig: Hi, grandkids. How's the holiday going?

baby Alexander: (giggles) Tree, tree!

Uncle Pig: No, baby Alexander. You can't play with the Christmas tree. You're too little for that.

baby Alexander: Aw...

Peppa: Let's play with our toys!

George and Chloe: Yes!

Auntie Pig: Oh, kids! Dinner's ready!

Peppa, George, and Chloe: Oh, boy!

Mummy Pig: Ooh, turkey! (licks her lips) Yummy!

Daddy Pig: Where are your manners, kids?!

Peppa: Nowhere. (burps) Oh, excuse me.

Grandpa Pig: Who wants to sing some carols?!

Everybody: (in unsion) ME!!! (singing in unsion) We wish you a merry Christmas...

(the clock says 9:00)

Daddy Pig: Goodnight, kids!

(morning comes after midnight)

Peppa: Oh, man! Make Christmas stop!

George: Stop, stop!

Chloe: Stop, Christmas, stop!

(as the days roll by...)

Auntie Pig: (slowly) Where are my kisses?

Mummy Pig: Ooh, turkey! (x5)

(scene goes back)

Peppa: HOLD IT!!!

Chloe: What's the matter, Peppa?

Peppa: It was Christmas again! And again, and again... AND AGAIN!!!

George: Stop, big sister! Calm down! Don't give up! We'll make some good sleep.

Peppa: (sighs) Okay. (marches into bed, and snores lightly)

(the next morning...)

Peppa: (takes a deep breath, and yells completely loud) WAKE UP, EVERYBODY!!!

George: Huh? What?

Chloe: What are you saying?

Peppa: (looks out the window) Merry Christmas, fellas! (giggles)


Daddy Pig: Well, kids. You've been dreaming.

Peppa: Surprise, Daddy! We made you breakfast!

Daddy Pig: Well... (chuckles) I'll be.

(door opens)

Uncle Pig: Hello, brother! How's Christmas today?! (runs over Daddy Pig)

Daddy Pig: Ouch!

Auntie Pig: Howdy, kids! Where are my kisses?!

(Peppa, George, and Chloe dive downstairs in scuba diver suits)

Peppa and George: (landing) Right here, Auntie Pig!

Chloe: (landing) Right here, mummy!

Auntie Pig: Ohh! You kids are having fun on Christmas. (chuckles)

Peppa: Let's play with some toys!

George and Chloe: OKAY!!!

Peppa: Whoo-hoo! This is fun! (giggles)

Auntie Pig: Oh, children! Dinner's ready!

Peppa, George, and Chloe: Oh, boy! (they all giggle)


Mummy Pig: (opens the lid of the dinner tray, then the turkey runs off) Ohh, turkey!

Daddy Pig: Catch the turkey!

(the turkey runs to the piano, then it crushes itself into a million pieces)

Grandpa Pig: No! Not the piano! Not my beloved carols! (sobs)

(that night...)

Daddy Pig: Oh, dear. My pride and joy, my Christmas life... IT'S RUINED!!!

Mummy Pig: Don't worry, Daddy Pig. It will be just fine.

Peppa: But we still have the tree. (the tree falls on top of her) Ouch!

George: Oh, big sister. We'll just have some sleep. (yawns)

(the next morning...)

Peppa: (gasps) Wow! It's the last Christmas!

Peppa, George, and Chloe: HOORAAAAAAAAAAAAY!!!!! (they all run downstairs)

Daddy Pig: Good morning, kids. How's it going today?

Peppa: Sweet. (pulls out a big boat with red wood, which carries a large pile of rainbow rocks, and a green flag on top of the rocks) Merry Christmas, Daddy!

Daddy Pig: (gasps) Wow! It's my dream boat?!

Peppa: Yes!

Daddy Pig: (chuckles) Well, I'll be.

(later, outside...)

Peppa: (pushing the boat) It must be Christmas next year.

George: Yeah.

Chloe: Indeed.

Daddy Pig: Boy, you must have been on this holiday.

Peppa, George, and Chloe: NOOOO!!! (they all push Daddy Pig away)

Daddy Pig: Anchors aweigh! Full steam ahead! Wheee! This is fun! (chuckles) Man overboard! (crashes into a snowman) Oof!

Peppa: Look! There's Daddy the Snow-pig! (giggles)

(the next morning...)

Peppa: (yawns) Lucky there! Christmas is... OVER!!! CHRISTMAS IS FINALLY OVER!!! (giggles)

(at Suzy's house...)

Suzy: Good morning, Peppa.

Peppa: Good morning, Suzy. The day after Christmas. Look here. (pulls out the sign saying "Dec. 26", and shows it to Suzy) Isn't it wonderful?

Suzy: Yes, it is. (giggles)


Peppa And The 500 Days Of Christmas 2

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