Peppa and the apple juice
the PATAJ that started it all. just a really really REALLY cracktastic thing i did

NOTE: this was made by a very cracktastic Brony4Everr. soooo, don't hate. XD


Mummy pig: peppa! what's your favorite food?

Peppa: =O! *whispers* juice!

Mummy pig: well good for you! i have some apple juice right here!!!!

Peppa: omg. give it here! 

-mummy gives peppa the apple juice-  Mummy: I'll be up in space! *slides down the stairs like a sled* WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!

Peppa: ur all mine now! 

Apple juice: *hops out of peppa's hand* NUH UH, GURL! I'M MY OWN  MAAAAAAAAAAN! *hops away*

Peppa: oh shnap! *starts running after it* COME BACK!

Apple juice: NO WAY, BRO!


Mummy pig: *planking on the stairs* can't hear you sweetie! up in space!


Daddy pig: *wearing a tutu*....i don't wanna talk about it.

Apple juice: HAHA! YOU'LL NEVER CATCH ME NOW! *hops in trash can*

Peppa: why tho?

Apple juice: i thought it was a portal......

Peppa: *takes apple juice and pours it into her mouth* AHAHAHAAAAAA FEEEEEL THE POWWWAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!

Apple juice: aw man

George: *stumbles into the room* I'M WASTED OFF JUICE!

Peppa: no one asked you. i'm going down stairs.

Mummy pig: NO WAIT

-peppa slips on mummy pig and they both start falling down the stairs-


Daddy pig: Isn't that a sight! *eats a parachute* this, however, is normal.

George: cheers, bro!


  • Apple juice isn't food. It's a drink.

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