Peppa with Thomas

This is a Peppa Pig/Thomas & Friends crossover including animation made using CelAction2D mixed with CGI.


Peppa Pig: I love exploring the North Western Railway. There's Molly, there's Neville, there's Hank... *sees Thomas* Hey, who are you?

Thomas the Tank Engine: I'm Thomas the Billington E2 Tank Engine.

Peppa: How long have you been here?

Thomas: Well, in 1915, I arrived as a station pilot at Vicarstown Station.

Peppa: Do you like jumping up and down in muddy puddles?

Thomas: Sorry, but trains can't jump. But sometimes me and my friend Rosie play a game called splish, splash, splosh where we DRIVE towards a muddy puddle and splash into it. Show her, Rosie!

Rosie: Okay, Thomas!

[They splash into a mud puddle and giggle]

Gordon: Make way, express coming through!

Peppa: Ooo! He seems fancy! But not fancy in a bad way like my enemy Emily Elephant and her walky-talky girls Lisa Fox and Brianna Bear are!

Thomas: Yup, Gordon is indeed fancy! Hey, do you have any train friends where you live?

Peppa: Well, Grandpa Pig did once build a trackless train called Gertrude and once she came to life.......... *sees Gator passing by* ARGH! Monster!

Thomas: Don't be silly, Peppa. That's just my friend Gator.

Gator: Well, young pig, everyone thought I was a monster when I first arrived on the North Western Railway.

Peppa: *sees Caitlin and Connor racing past* Who are they? They appear to be having a race.

Thomas: The red one's Caitlin and the blue one's Connor. They take passengers in from the mainland.

[It starts raining]

Peppa: *gets into Thomas' cab*

Thomas: Don't worry, Peppa. I can get you to Tidmouth Sheds and shelter you there. *takes Peppa to Tidmouth sheds*

Sir Topham Hatt: Thomas, why isn't that pig at Farmer McColl's?

Peppa: Because I'm on holiday from Peppatown.

Sir Topham Hatt: I've never seen a pig talk before except on a show my granddaughter Bridget watches called Peppa Pig.

Peppa: I AM Peppa Pig.

Sir Topham Hatt: I had no idea that you were real!

Peppa: That's because I've never been to Sodor before in my whole entire life!

[The rain stops]

Peppa: Awesome! Muddy puddles!

Thomas: To play splish, splash, splosh in! Come on, Rosie!

Rosie: Okay!

[They splash into the puddle and giggle]

Peppa: I like the North Western Railway, but the thing I like best about it is because two of the trains, Thomas and Rosie, have this game called splish, splash, splosh!

Peppa: Just before you play this game, I wonder if Gertrude would like to come to Sodor?

Thomas: Yup, it's okay.

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