"Oh shnap!"
Peppa and the Apple Juice Poster


Peppa and the apple juice is an ubsurdly long series of fanon Peppa pig episodes. In the series, Peppa is in a dream where the whole peppaverse is addicted to apple juice. despite being very cracktastic in the beginning, it got less and less crazy as time went on

Peppa and the apple juice

the very first one. and by far the most cracktastic. In this one, peppa gets some apple juice, but the apple juice runs away. With her parents being no help at all and George being wasted off juice, Peppa must catch it on her own..

Peppa and the apple juice 2

when finding a butt-ton of apple juice in the fridge, [ and george throw an apple juice party!

pretty simple, really..

Peppa and the apple juice 3

the 3rd one in the PATAJ series, and the least cracktastic. peppa discovers she's dreaming and uses her 'apple juice powers' to get what she wants. but when she's found using these powers and gets kidnapped by secret agents, she well, to be honest, i have no ideas.

Peppa and the apple juice 4

Peppa is kidnapped by secret agents! when they force her to either destroy the dream world by waking up, or stay asleep and not get the "reward", peppa must make a dramatic and totally not cliche choice!

Peppa and the epilogue

Peppa and the epilouge was created when PATAJ 4 was intended to be last one. Peppa is hyper as shnap and runs to suzy's house to tell her about her dream.

Peppa and the apple juice 5!?

Peppa begins to realize that all the things that happened in the dreams are coming true!  (AND YES. THIS IS NOT THE FINALE)


Peppa and the apple juice 6

coming soon

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