First episode of the series...

Peppa: Yo, George, what's up?

George: Daddy Pig told me to send you this message.

Peppa: What message?

George: You're going to a new school.

Peppa: WHAT?!

George: You can't stay at the playgroup forever. You're 16 now.

Peppa: OH.

George: I'm going too because I'm 14.

Peppa: Suzy must be going then.

(At the new school...)

Mrs Flower: Hi class. I'm Mrs Flower.

Peppa: Yay, flour! We can make cakes :)

Mrs Flower: Not that kind of flower!

Peppa: :o

George: (whispering) LOL.

Mrs Flower: Today we will learn about the TV.

Peppa: I already know about the TV I've heard the word about 500 times in my life -.-


Suzy: LOL.

George: LOL

Everyone in the universe: LOL.

Peppa: So can we play now :)

Mrs Flower: *sighs* Okay.

Class: YAY! *runs onto the playground*

Suzy: Peppa you're here too yay :)

Zoe: So am I.

Rebecca: Me too.

Danny: And me.

Pedro: I'm here aswell!

Richard: Don't forget me!

Edmond: Yeah!

Emily: Don't forget Emily The Best!

Peppa: It looks like every kid from the playgroup is here :)

Zoe: Yeah but Hilda Human is in this school too.

Pedro: You being serious?

Zoe: Yep.

Pedro: :o

Rebecca: Never mind.

(playtime is over and everyone runs into the classroom)

(skip Maths introduction)

George: (doing a sum) Hmmm... 60 + 70 = 130... Thought it was 100 -.-

Peppa: (doing a sum) 234 + 564 what the heck...

Hope you enjoyed :)

I'm going to make a series of Peppa and the new school. Next: Peppa and the new school 2