The fourth episode of the series...

(It is lunchbreak)

Peppa: Can't believe a teacher would give us food that we're not meant to eat.

George: I want to go back to the Playgroup.

Peppa: You can't. This school has bedrooms. I don't wanna sleep here.

George: I wanted to go to the playgroup because they have our favourite food, spaghetti.

Peppa: I wanna go home.

Everyone: (sighs)

(the bell rings and lunchbreak is over)

Mrs Flower: Now today in science we are...


Mrs Flower: Boys! Girls! Don't boo me!

Peppa: You deserve it for the horrible lunch.

Mrs Flower: Right. everyone to your bedrooms. They have your names on the doors.

George: Why do we have to go to our bedrooms?

Mrs Flower: You are grounded for booing me.

Everyone except Mrs Flower: *goes to their bedrooms*

Peppa: That teacher should go to jail. *dials 999*

Police: (over phone) Yes?

Peppa: (over the phone) The teacher grounded us for booing her, and gave us horrible lunch!

Police: (over the phone) What school are you in?

Peppa: (over the phone) Peppatown High School.

Police: (over the phone) I'll be straight there. *goes to peppatown high school and takes Mrs Flower away*

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