The sixth episode of the series...

Police: (over the phone) Okay. I'll take him to prison. *takes Daddy Pig to prison*

(in Peppatown Prison)

Police: *throws Daddy Pig into cell number 69*

Daddy Pig: I'll get you for this Peppa!

(back outside the school,)

Peppa: As Rebecca said in the previous episode, no one can beat us!

Rebecca: And as Peppa said in the previous episode, Because we'll take them to prison!

Everyone except people in prison: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

Zoe: We're gonna make the most famous series ever soon :)

Emily: Yeah!

George: I can't beleive we already have 6 episodes in our series, in only 2 days!

Suzy: All thanks to Piggabubblyboo456.

Piggabubblyboo456: *arrives* Did someone say my name?

Suzy: Yes. we said our episodes are all thanks to you :)

Piggabubblyboo456: Thanks!

All animals: Congrats!