The seventh episode of the series...

Peppa: *flies home* I'm home! :D

Mummy Pig: But I sent you to an ormentry!

Peppa: What is an ormentry?

Mummy Pig: It's a school you live at.

Peppa: I came home because I sent Mrs Flower to prison.

Mummy Pig: *gasps* PEPPA!

Peppa: What?!

Mummy Pig: She's your teacher!

Peppa: But she's mean!

Mummy Pig: So? That doesn't mean you can send her to prison!

Peppa: Anyway, I found out I could fly!

Mummy Pig: But you flew in the Peppa Goes Nuts series!

Peppa: And now I can fly again! *flies to Suzy's house*

Mummy Pig: O.o

Peppa: *arrives at Suzy's house* Hi Suzy :D

Suzy: Hi Peppa! :D wow you can fly like you did in peppa goes nuts!

Peppa: Yeah. *flies around* WHEEE!!!

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