There were loads of fanon series on this site. I read some of them, and decided I should make one too ;)

Peppa: I'm bored. I don't know what to do.

George: Let's throw a party!

Peppa: And...why would we want to throw a party? No special events are happening.

George: That's the thing. It's a Normal Day party!

Peppa: I don't understand.


Peppa: Alright, let's do it. Who should we invite?

George: The shopkeeper.


George: Ok. The bus driver?

Peppa: Um, no.

George: I know! Let's invite Richard, Zuzu, Zaza, and Edmond!

Peppa: Ugh, if you're inviting Edmond I guess Emily will have to come too. Huh. I'm inviting Suzy, Danny and Pedro.

George: *writes and posts party invitations*

*30 minutes later...*

Peppa: Where are the--

*the party guests show up*

Suzy: Thanks for inviting me Peppa!

Richard: Thanks for inviting me George!

Emily: Oh Peppa! (squinty eyes)

Peppa: Emily. I thought you wouldn't want to come, because our house is so "tiny".

Emily: Well, I came because I go to every party. And even though this house is extremely tiny, I could find something to...pick on you about.

Peppa: Grr! She's not ruining my party. Who wants to help with decorations?

Suzy: Me!

Danny: Me!

Pedro: Me! As long as there are no flowers. I'm allergic to the pollen.

Peppa: Don't worry, there are no flowers. There are star banners, heart glitter, and flags that are crescent moon shaped!

To be continued in Part 2...

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