soo, i translatored Peppa and the apple juice....O.O omg

READ (said no one ever)

Pippa Pork Mummy! What is your favorite food? 

Pippa = O! * Whispers * .. apple JUICE! 

Mummy Pig Well good for you! I have some apple JUICE here!!!! 

Pippa. give here! 

Mom gives Pippa percent apple juice-mom: kijujiwukabawu, I'll be in the bedroom! * He slid into her like a sled* WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO !!!!! 

Pippa you're beside me now! 

Apple JUICE: * jumps * Pippa hand there, girls! I'm your man! * hops 

Pippa: shnap oh! * After * Walk back! 

Apple juice: the way bro! 

Peppa die !!!!!!!!!!!! MUM !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Mummy Pig: * you will not hear the love on the stairs in space! 

Pippa: Wow !!!!!!!!!!!! Dad !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Daddy Pig: * wearing a tutu .... I do not wanna talk about it. 

Apple JUICE: Haha! NEVER catch me! * Hops * Recycle Bin 

Pippa what tho? 

Apple JUICE: I think it's a portal ...... 

Pippa: * make apple JUICE and pour containments into mouth * AHAHAHAAAAAA feel the power !!!!!!!!!! 

Apple JUICE: Personally 

George: * stumbles into the room, I lost my juice! 

Pippa: someone asked. I'm going down. 

Mummy Pig: NO WAIT 

-pippa slip Mummy Pig and began to fall down the stairs forever; 


Daddy Pig: not with a view! * Eat a parachute, however, is normal. 

George: gay bro!


oh lord

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