Peppa at the Airport is a story that was released on 1 November 2016.
Peppa at the Airport


Narrator: It was morning at Peppatown and Peppa and George were going to the airport to visit their friends. Just then, George saw something!

George: Aeroplane!

Peppa: That's an aeroplane!

Narrator: The green aeroplane landed on the runway to talk with Peppa and George.

Peppa: Who are you?

Pippa: Hello, I'm Pippa!

Peppa: Peppa, Pippa? Are you stealing my name?

Pippa: You must be Peppa Pig!

Peppa: Erm, that'!

Pippa: Sorry, Peppa! I have some passengers to pick up, but my friends will have some time to chat with you. Goodbye!

Narrator: And off Pippa went. Just then, a big blue helicopter landed near Peppa and George.

Chuck: Howdy! I'm Chuck from the U.S. of A.!

Peppa: Chuck! Nice to meet you!

Chuck: I'm just off to pick up some passengers, but I'm sure Budgie will have some time to talk with you two. Goodbye!

can somebody fill some parts in for me?


  • Peppa
  • George
  • Pippa
  • Budgie
  • Lionel
  • Chuck
  • Jean Claude
  • Jasper
  • Genevieve