We're getting off topic

this article has actually nothing to do with jail.


Peppa is standing on top of the peppa pig logo. she jumps down in slow motion

Peppa(while still falling): I'm peppa pig. ~snort~ this is my litte brother--

~she reaches the ground and explodes~


Peppa, saying the title: Seats.

Mummy pig: ~snorts~

Narrator: Mummy pig has made a special--

Mummy pig: ~snort~ Peppa. This box is just peppa.

Peppa: Thank you mummy! ~gives the box back to mummy pig~

~mummy pig gives peppa the box~

I changed my mind i don't wanna do this

Peppa: What things can i put in it mummy?

Mummy pig: ~deep voice laugh~

Mummy pig: ~camera slowly getting closer to her face~ Only you can that decide peppa. It's YOUR SECRET BOX

Peppa: I know what i can put in it!

Mummy pig: Tell me

Peppa: I won't tell you.

Mummy pig: Good, But don't tell me

Peppa: I won't tell peppa.

~another peppa slowly comes from the ceiling~

Peppa is upstairs in the doorway of her and george's room

Peppa: George. this is my secret box. ~shakes the box, you can hear things inside~ It's empty. I have to find some things to put inside.

George: ~cries~

~screen zooms on peppas face~

Peppa: only i must know what's in the box. you have to wait outside while i choose.

~slams the door on george. door explodes~

Peppa: :)

Narrator: Peppa is going to choose some secret things to put in the box

Peppa: Now my secret box is full! ~she shakes the box, the box falls out of her hands~

~x-files theme playing~

~the box is suddenly in her hands again~

Peppa: George. You must not look inside.

Narrator: George would like to know what is inside peppas secret peppa

Peppa: If you like, you can try to guess.

George: ~snorts twice~

Narrator: Peppa Peppa Peppa Peppa Peppa Peppa Peppa Pepp--

Peppa: ~shakes the box~

George: ~nick jr 1999 logo theme~

Peppa: Oh, george!

~laugh track~

~the end credits from full house start playing~

daddy pig is by the stairs dusting a picture

Narrator: Daddy pig is cleani--

A huge peppa comes from the bottom of the screen

Huge peppa: ~slowly~ DADDYS BIG TUMMY


Peppa: Mummy. no one knows what's in my bo-

Mummy pig: HO HO LOVELY


the end

it's a seeeeeecret..........

We're getting off topic
Can we get back to the subject now
We're still off topic
You know what i'm going back hom
You're all fired
This isn't a meeting it's madness
Madness i tell yo