Peppa eats a prune and poops a lot.


Peppa: Mummy, what should I have for breakfast?

Mummy Pig: A prune!

(Mummy Pig throws a prune into Peppa's mouth)

Peppa: Delicious. What should I drink?

Mummy Pig: A jug of water!

(Mummy Pig spills a jug of water into Peppa's mouth)

Peppa: Now I can go and watch the Mr. Potato Show. (goes to the sitting room)

(Peppa turns on the TV but she was too late and Angela Anaconda was on TV)

Peppa: Eek! Too scary! NOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!! *changes the channel* Ahh, Rugrats. Yes!!!!!

(30 minutes later)

Mummy Pig: Peppa! It's time for playgroup.

Peppa: Yes!! (Goes into the car)

(At playgroup)

Peppa: Hi Everyone!

Everyone: Hi Peppa!

Suzy: Peppa, why does your pants have a lump?

Peppa: Um! I don't know!

Emily: I know why! Peppa pooped her pants!

Lisa: I agree,

Brianna: Even more.

Madame Gazelle: Peppa, did you have a prune for breakfast?

Peppa: Yes!

Madame Gazelle: Well. You should never eat prunes! It will make you poop.

Peppa: Aaaaa! *starts pooping lots* I CANT STOP!!!

(everyone laughs at Peppa)

Peppa: Nooooooo! D:

(after playgroup)

Peppa: Mummy, what am I going to have for breakfast tomorrow?

Mummy Pig: A prune.

Peppa: Naughty Mummy! You should never eat a prune. It will make you poop. ALOT.

Mummy Pig: OK, we will have pancakes for breakfast tomorrow.

(everyone laughs)

(the end)


  • As revealed in this episode, Rugrats is Peppa's second favorite show, after Mr. Potato Show.