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At school, Peppa,Emily,George and Edmond bragged about them having "FriendsBook". They thought it would be cool to brag about him having FriendsBook.

Peppa/Emily/George/Edmond: Hey guys, have you gotten FriendsBook yet?

Danny: No. What is that?

Emily: It's an app for your computer and friend people!

Pedro: Interesting. My brother Pete has that app.

Peppa: You should get it too Pedro.

Madam Gazelle: What are you kids doing? Do your art please.


Madame Gazelle: See you Monday childrens!

All students: Bye Madame Gazelle!

Narrator: Danny,Dinky and Johnny got on the computer and made an account.

Dinky: What should our username be?

Narrator: The 3 dogs were thinking...

Danny: I know! Our username can be 3dogsandswag!

Johnny: That sounds like a good idea.

Narrator: Peppa and Emily gave them there usernames so Danny added them as friends.

Suzy: Think Sammy! What should our user be?

Sammy: Um... iLuvSheeps?

Suzy: I definitely love "iLuvSheeps!" Lets friend Emily and Peppa now!

Pedro: What should our user be Patty?

Patty: I know! Pony Rider!

Pedro: I'm not so sure about that name...But it'll do and I'll friend Emily and Peppa now

Peppa: Wow George! Look at all these friends invite

Narrator: Some of Peppa's friend didn't get this, but will they get it next time?

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