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peppa: f**k yo madame gazelle.

madame gazelle: wtf yo get a seat.

george: what you talking about?

madame gazelle: you notice the suzie is no here bee caws i kill her.

suzy: im right here.

madame gazelle: nonsense *gets a gun out and shoots suzy with the gun*

suzy: ohmygod *dies*

madame gazelle: i said i killed her

rebecca: what about richard?

madame gazelle: he turned in to rickhulk bunny

mac+cool: hey guys...why the hell is suzy dead on the ground?

madame gazelle: i kill her

mac+cool: oh

peppa: yoloswag

elton john: philly-freedom

madame gazelle: shut up, this ain't philly its london

paul mccartney: i had work like a dog.

madame gazelle: you had time out elton and paul for 100 years

peppa: f*ck not you again

penellope poodle: bonjour

peppa: and not you too

apple juice: yoloswag

peppa: *holds a pepsi cola bottle* sup

caillou: yo peppa, some people want to f*ckin' kill me

peppa: i got nuthin'

people who want to kill caillou: we're going to kill kaiu ,we're going to kill hi- ohmygod

madame gazelle: not in my goddamn class *gets gun and shoots people who want to kill caillou*

chica: ohmygod

people who want to kill caillou: ohmygod *dies*

chuck e cheese: haha freddy deserved that s*it 

oldenreality: ohmygosh not sir tophem hatt

sir tophem hat: what are ya doing

oldenreality: nothing

king friday: welcome to make-believe

the love boat: wtf

ss peppaland: ohmygodyouralive

kenny's ghost: hello

cici's ghost: we became friends in heaven

skids ghost: yeah

elton john: i'm british, i dunno why i wrote a f*ckin' song about philly

gary the gadget guy: f*ck disney, i can only cuss here

walt disney: do ya mean me

gary the gadget guy: no a*sholeand arent ya dead

walt disney: well back in 1966 i reborn in 2001

gary the gadget guy: oh

baby alexander: yay the carpetmices


littlebat10: no not them s*itwards get out

the rugrats: no way jose

lightning mcqueen: hellooo guys omg a damn sweet a*s ferrari

avio ferrari: im a ferrari but i was turned into the rust bucket 2000 *turns into the Rustbucket 2000*

larry limo: peppa, george im here

leberto limo: i thought i f*cking picked up george

larry limo: fine

harry smith: *in a coffin in the middle pacific ocean* help me

pirates: haha *kidnaps harry smith*

ellie mccoy: why am i shrimp-skinny again and peppafied 

mac+cool: i dunno

robin: hey guys

starfire: your sooo dreamy

robin: wait..what!

mac+cool: thanks

robin: if y'all f*ckin' f*ggots mess with my hot lady i'll kill y'all

mac+cool: too bad, motherf*cker! *gets gun and shoots robin*

robin: ohmygod *gets shot*

mac+cool: he's okay

beast boy: yay mac+cool shot robin you're my numba 1 hero

mac+cool: ok.

raven: your his hero

mac+cool: you should have your own show called thats so raven

raven: thats a s*itty but great idea

peppa: yolos*it

nick gazelle: hello daughter

madame gazelle: hellooooooo daddy

mr potato: wait wha- *explodes*

mitchel mouse: hey i the original cast member of chelsea milk cow and i host prankshows i go to jail in 2011

peppa: im getting f*ckin' schooled

sarah: caillou found a portal

everyone: can we have some ice tea and string cheese

sarah: okay *gives everyone ice tea and string cheese*

[everyone comes to the portal and jump into it]

peppa: where are we

pedro: i dunno, b*tch

mac+cool:: we're in philadelphia the original capital of the united states

peppa: can we please buy a goddamn stake.

everyone: sure

mac+cool: i had ta buoght da last stakes bee caws were go to hal plastic cally

peppa: shut the f*ck up, mac

mac+cool: what the hell did you jus say da me?

peppa: i said u suck d*ck

everyone: eww!

mac+cool; peppa you ugly as a pile of s*it and yo ma's so fat that her belly button got home 15 minutes before her ugly a*s, b*tch

everyone: yaw!

peppa: macky shut the f*ck up and f*cking go die in a f*cking s*itty a*s hole, f*ggot

mac+cool: *stabs Peppa* f*ckin' stupid a*s s*it b*tch,