Peppa: I wanna go to Mac+Cool's house.

George: Me too.

Mummy Pig: It's in the US.

Daddy Pig: We have another way.

[The all go into the fountain]

Daddy Pig: Oh no.

Everyone: *screams*

Mac+Cool: Daisy wanna see something. OH SNAAP, I need to go pee.

Peppa's Family: *in the toilet* EWW, why are we in a toilet?

Mac+Cool: Why are you at my house in my basement?

Peppa: We wanted to visit you.

Mac+Cool: I want to introduce you to my cat Daisy.

Peppa: Aww, she's so cute.

Mac+Cool: Careful, she's a bit grumpy since we got a dog.

Peppa: Okay, I have a friend cat but she's not our pet.

Mac+Cool: Awesome

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