Peppa goes to Six Flags

It starts off with the Pig family going to Six Flags, but it turns into a crossover between asdfmovie (Mr. Muffin), Cracktastic Authority (Littlebat10), and much more.


Peppa: I need a holiday!

Mummy Pig: I've got tickets to Six Flags!

Peppa: Six Flags?

Daddy Pig: An unreasonably expensive amusement park.

George: Potato!

Mummy Pig: I don't think they'll have Mr. Potato.

[After a long trip on a Jumbo Jet...]

Captain Emergency: We're here!

Peppa: Yay! Six Flags!

George: I've decided to start talking like an adult!

The Pig family walks in.

George: Tasmanian Devil!

Mummy Pig: George wants to go on the Tasmanian Devil.

Mummy Pig: I'll go with George.

Peppa: I want to go on that Boomerang coaster!

Daddy Pig: I'll go with Peppa.

[Later, the Tasmanian Devil is spinning, with Mummy and George Pig on it.]

Mummy Pig: Wooooooooooaah!!!!

[Daddy and Peppa Pig are on Boomerang]

Daddy Pig: WOOOAAAH! It's upside down!

Peppa: Fun right?! WOOOO! Boomerang!

Mr. Muffin: I'm tired of being on asdfmovie! Eat meeee!

Daddy Pig: You'll be barfed up anyway!!!

Mr. Muffin: (jumps off)

Peppa: (catches Mr. Muffin) Gotcha!

[The ride stops]

Daddy Pig: Can we bring it home? I can't eat anything right now.

Mr. Muffin: Yes! Eat me!

Peppa: We can't eat him. He can be our pet!


Mummy Pig: AHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!! Emily Elephant!

George: Why are you acting like Peppa, and yelling at Emily Elephant? Too many cups of lemonade after spinning round? I'll find Dad.


Daddy Pig: George, why is Mummy screaming at Emily?

George: Mummy thinks she's Peppa. Too much lemonade.

Mr. Muffin: Kill meeeeeeeeeeee!

Mummy Elephant: Mrs. Pig, snap out of it! (smacks Mummy Pig)

Mac Pig: Hi Peppa!

Peppa: Mac? You're dead! The train exploded! I saw you! I was there!

Mac: (turns into Heropig) YOU FOOL! MAC IS DEAD!!

George: We knew that! (turns into Super George) Your time has come demon!

Heropig: No, your's on the other hand- (fires laser at Super George)

Mr. Muffin: My chance to DIE and be a legend! BYE WORLD! (jumps in front of laser) AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAEEEE!!!!!! (explodes)

Peppa: Bye! (runs off)

HeroPeppa: (appears) Where's Peppa?!

Super George: She's at the pizzeria! (covers mouth) CRAP!

Heropig: I'll go take out Super George. HeroPeppa, go to Fazbear's Pizza!

HeroPeppa: Yes brother! (flies off)


Peppa: They finally fixed this place up.

HeroPeppa: Hello Peppa!

Peppa: Friends?

HeroPeppa: (eyes glow red)

Littlebat10: Bunchie! (rides in on Bunchie the Llama) Idiot to the rescue!

Peppa: LITTLEBAT10?! What is happening?!


Super George: Drop Peppa, you demon, or he will suffer!

Heropig: Help meee... sister?

HeroPeppa: BROTHER! (drops Peppa) Attack minions! (posseses the robot mascots)

Littlebat10: BUNCHIE, ATTACK!

Bunchie: HEE HAW! (attacks HeroPeppa and her minions)

HeroPeppa: (falls next to Heropig and un-possesses mascots)

Peppa: (holds up Bible) The power of Christ compels you!

HeroPeppa and Heropig: WHAT?! NO!!!!


[HeroPeppa and Heropig are gone... for now]

Peppa: There gone. It's over... for now.

[Super George turns into normal George again]

[The room starts shaking and HeroPeppa and Heropig come out of a pit that suddenly appears.]

HeroPeppa and Heropig: [in deep evil voices] WE WILL RETURN! (fade away)

[The pit disappears and the restaurant catches fire]

Littlebat10: CRAP CRAP CRAP!!! Onwards Bunchie! (jumps on Bunchie)

Peppa: Wait for me!

George: And me!

[They get on and Bunchie run away]


Peppa: I love Superman the ultimate ride! WOOO!

George: You know we need to pay for that pizzeria to be fixed.

Littlebat10: And you'll need a small fortune to pay for the robot mascots.

Peppa: The police said we won enough money to pay for repairs by defeating HeroPeppa and Heropig for now.

George: That's good.


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