Peppa goes to the Pine Barrens in New Jersey and has an encounter with the Jersey Devil .


Peppa: Mummy, I'm excited to go to the Pine Barrens!

Mummy: Yes, if only me and Daddy were coming,

Peppa: What?! You are coming!

Mummy: No we aren't coming. You are going alone with George, Suzy, Danny, and Edmond. You are old enough to go without us now.

All children: HOORAY!

Suzy: I have the supplies!

Danny: My granddad will let me use his camper van! It can become a hang glider, so we can tie it to the plane and go across the ocean to New Jersey. ~runs outside to pack and start the van~

An hour later, they arrive in New Jersey.

Capt. Em (Captain Emergency): We have landed in New Jersey! All passengers please get off!

Narrator: The children have arrived in New Jersey.

Peppa: Wow! This place is neat!

Suzy: Yes! And there is our taxi Mummy Pig sent us!

5 minutes later,

Peppa: Wow, this camp sight is nice looking!

Suzy: Yes, it is.

Narrator: What is that in the trees?

Everyone but Danny: WOW! A flying horse!

Danny: I installed an upgrade in the upgrade so we can fly home! So if we nee to leave early- wait, Did you just say flying horse?!

Peppa: Yes, why do you ask?

Danny: It's the Jersey Devil!

Peppa: Whats a Jersey Devil?

Danny: ~Show Peppa picture of the Jersey Devil~

Jersey Devil

Danny Dog's Picture

Narrator: That is a scary picture!


Edmond: Maybe it's a case of mistaken identity.

Narrator: Edmond is a clever clogs.

George: Nighty!

Peppa: George is right. It is getting dark.

Danny: Everyone get into the van!

Narrator: Everyone is asleep. Oh, everyone except Edmond.

Edmond: Jersey Devil? What a bunch of baloney!

Narrator: Edmond doesn't believe in the Jersey Devil.

Unexplained Noise: ~SCREECH!~

Everyone: ~Wakes up~ AHHHHHHHHHHHH!

Suzy: It's a monster!

Danny: The Jersey Devil, I'm sure of it!

Edmond: It's probably just a wild animal-

Jersey Devil: ~Crashes into window~

Edmond: Or Not!

Danny: Let's get out of here!

Narrator: The children are leaving the trip.

Peppa: That was close.

Suzy: Yes.

George: Dinosaur! Grr!

Edmond: No George, that was a hideous monster I have never seen before.

Narrator: It is the next day.

Daddy Pig: What was the trip like?

Peppa: There was a horrid monster outside the camper van!

Mummy: Wow! That must have been exciting.

Peppa: Yes it was.

Narrator: Peppa and her friends like having adventures. Everyone like having adventures.

The End

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