The YouTuber seen is not kid friendly.


Peppa and George are forced to watch this Roblox YouTuber who is not kid friendly by their mother.


[Peppa and George are locked in a tiny room with two seats and a TV.]

Mummy Pig: Instead of watching your ugly clones on YouTube Kids, you're gonna watch mature stuff.

Peppa: What? Does that include George?

Mummy Pig: Yes, you little s**t. 

George: *cries*

Mummy Pig: Shut up.

[Mummy Pig puts on AlbertsStuff and leaves the room.]

Peppa: *notices a child lock on the door* Oh.

Alberts: [In the video] S**t!

Peppa: *cries*

Narrator: Five minutes later.

[Cuts to Peppa and George's dead corpses.]

Mummy Pig: At least I cloned them.


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