Peppa and Her Gang in the iSally Islands is a Peppa Pig special. They were going to travel to the central island, but since The Island of iSally is rated TV-MA, they only travelled to the Island of Soda, Sea Country Island and New Sodor.


Peppa: Mummy, can me and my gang go on a trip?

Mummy Pig: [puts Peppa and friends in an automatic rocket ship to Mars.]

Peppa: No.

Yule Goat: Actually, we're going to the Island of Soda.

Danny: Really?

Yule Goat: Yes.

[The rocketship crashes in a field near an amusement park in West Strangetown.]

Yule Goat: Get in the van!

[They all get into the van and Yule Goat drives to the Island of Soda. He parks near theSodium Wall .]

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