This episode has been banned due to inappropriate speech and/or behavior in it.


Peppa: (singing) It's a beautiful day in this neighborhood. Would you be mine, would you be mine. I have always wanted to have a neighbor on Pine Street and it's gonna be true. Let's make the hopes on this beautiful day, I might as well say. Won't you please, won't you please. Be my neighbor.

[Caillou is seen chilling out maxing, relaxing, all cool. shooting some rubber balls outside his house]

Peppa Pig: Hello, what is your name?

Caillou: My name is Caillou, and what is your name too?

Peppa: My name is Peppa Pig, [snorts] and this is my little brother George.

Caillou: I have a little sister named Rosie.

Calliou's mother: Never talk to f*cking strangers, Caillou?

Caillou: You're a stupid mother and you're a f*cker.

Caillou's mother: You're not supposed to say that!

Rosie: [gets shoved out of the room and cries]

Caillou: [pinches Rosie] There, you happy?

George: Caillou mean! [hugs Rosie]

Roise: Thank you!

Caillou: *Walks around the block* Yo Sarah.

Sarah: Yo Caillou.

Caillou: Oh crap a dead bird

Dead Bird: Yo burry me

Caillou: Fine!

Callious Mother: Calliou your grounded grounded for 2 days

Caillou: No! *steals Skids with Roise, Peppa, George, and Sarah*

The End


  • This episode has references to Big Brother Caillou, Rosie Brother Caillou,Caillou walks around the block, Caillou's Crossword and Caillou is getting older.