Daddy Pig: Okay!!

Peppa Pig: Can we go to Dale & Benny's

Daddy Pig: Sorry Peppa!! All the locations are closed!!

Peppa Pig: Why?

Daddy Pig: Dale & Benny's is getting updated until 2017 and it will update  into .... Dale and Benny's Ultimate Pizza Wonderland

Peppa Pig: What about the first location?

Daddy Pig: Dog's Pizza is moving to the flagship store!!!

Peppa Pig: The best pizzeria, arcade, and lazer tag franchise is closing

Daddy Pig: The updated version will be bigger!!

Peppa Pig: Will the new Dog's Pizza have the same features?

Daddy Pig: No!! But, It will have Italian pizza, a woodburning pizza oven, and a new pizza topping

Peppa Pig: Will Pedro be allowed there?

Daddy Pig: Yes!! Since Mr. Pony and Uncle Dog got along he will be allowed at Dog's Pizza

Feel free to continue

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