Dank pig

Warning: Contains no-scoping.

Hello I am Peppa Pig and today I wll be reeding my journal extract of when I no-scoped my parents.

Journal extract

− So I was at an park quickscoping fellow skrups and rekking skrubs with my m80s XxX_george-pork_XxX and some other m9ers I don't even know. When I got to home my parents screamed at me because I had accidentally hardscoped dis nub neimed Pedro. Me parents taken away my airhorn nd banned me from drinking mtn dew and eatin doritos. They wudden even let me hav nacho cheese flavorrr!XDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD. SO anyways they didn't take away me intervention quickscoper rifle-9000000000000000. This was ther biggest mistake of they lives as I grabbed it from my dank bag and noscoped my dad. Rest in pepperoni daddy_pork. Me mum ran out of the house because she is an noob and wus banned from the official faze server for aimbotting and camping. I climb to an second floor and jump off balcony screaming "ALLLAAAAHHUUU AKKKKBAAAAARRRRR" and did a 1440 turn and quadruple-mega-giga-dank-kush-swagscope on me mum, unlocking all available achievements and immediately unlocking level 420 of faze clan.

− The next day me and George did a RIP in piece for our parents and invited our m9s to drink mtn dew and eat doritos to ther hearts' contents. The RIP in piece had gud moosic inclooding sad airhorn music and sad flute anthem.

− I will continue noscoping skrubs until the day I get nifed (never).