Peppa Pig 4: end of the world, is a movie about illuminati taking over the peppaverse. It is 90 minutes llong, Split into 2 parts. The animation is faster than most peppa pig films.


Part 1

Peppa and Suzy are playing happily in the field when George comes outside. Undhee Falls on them and sonicthehedgehog223 Comes down later. Ohmyheck comes and shoots the sky. Peppa curses The admin out until Suzy shouts at her. Illuminati Appears in the sky And bombs the playgroup. The children rush to the playgroup, But the peppacounts beat them there. Pedro finds a skull and presumes that everyone that was in there is dead. Peppa calls Pedro an idiot until she looks down and sees a bloody, dead body. Danny and Rebecca Run of until Mewtwo catches them. Daddy pig appears, But peppa and Pedro kill him, thinking he was a zombie. George cries, and everyone else calls them idiots. Peppa later notices that Suzy is gone.

Suzy, who got separated from peppa during the fire, Is tricked by an owl named outus. Suzy attacks peppa, But they are both kidnapped by outus, who accendently reveals that he works For Illuminati. The others come and save peppa, but a vortex shows up, meaning that the world is ending.

Part 2

Coming soon!