In case you don't know..

Vines are awesome 6 or 7 second videos that are funny. 

Ze vines!

Mummy pig: Go to bed

George: NO!!! 

(george does a wall flip into his bed)


Daddy pig: When someone you don't like tries to be cool wit chu

Mummy pig: YAAAAY!

Alexander: -laughs-

Daddy pig: Hey alexander

Alexander: -stops laughing-


(Peppa and suzy walk down the street awesomely)

A puppy: BARK BARK!

Peppa and suzy: AAHH!!! -runz away-

(awesome music)

Candy cat: Meow

(more awesome music

Candy cat: Meow

(daddy pig shows up with his friends)

Daddy pig: Hey. we're going out tonight

Mummy pig: Ok

~i'm the man i'm the man i'm the man~

(later on the sidewalk..)

Mr. Rabbit: This is awesome. WOO! -drops soda can-


Suzy: -Walks in a really weird circle-


Suzy: Hey peppa, wanna play circles?

Peppa: -gives suzy a creepy face and nods-

-both walking in a really weird circle-

Facebook: You just had a failed attempt on hitting on a girl! would you like to send this to facebook?

Pedro: (presses no but hits yes anyway) What the freak!?


Suzy: -knocks Rebecca over in her chair and everyone screams-


Emily: Don't let go, Jack!

Danny: I won't, Rose!

Emily:....Who's Rose?

-peppa runs in. but slips-



Freddy: -pulls peppa's pants down-

-he does the same thing with Mummy pig and gets punched in the face-


Daddy pig: -throws a basketball and it breaks a light bulb-

Edmond: This is the laundr-o-matic 3000

-edmond puts the laundr-o-matic 3000 over some clothes, and they're suddenly folded-

Edmond: and, viola!




Candy cat: Is you mad? OR

Suzy sheep: BAAAAAAAA!!!!

(Cuddling with your pet)

-peppa is cuddling with Goldy-

Mummy pig: The flowering or love, is- SHUT

Peppa: -pours water on mummy's head-

Mummy pig: D:

Emily: -runz up to a wall and dissapears-

(About to fight)

Candy: YOU READY!?

Peppa: Hold on, gimme one second -looks at something on her phone- hahahaha!

Candy:.........ONE!!! -punches peppa in the face-

Chloe: Come with me! I will show you how to become an Easter Squirrel!

Simon: -wearing bunny ears-  IT IS AN HONOR TO BE AN EASTER SQUIRREL! I want to thank my mother and-

Chloe: Mama!

Prolly gonna do some other ones later

Some were not done due to me being lazy

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