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Peppa plays Roblox is a fanon episode. It was Divided into 4 Stories. Story 3, (Stupid hastags, dumber guests) Will air on April 7, 2017.

Story 1: Hackers' Attack!


Peppa: What-is-this-Censored!?

Daddy: It's Roblox.

Peppa: Roblox is Censored!

Mummy: Try it and it will be fun!

Peppa: Nah!

(Literally 2 Nanoseconds later)

Peppa: Holy Censored, this is fun!

Mummy: Told ya.

(Two years later)

Peppa: Let's read some comments!

Random comment: Free robux! At robux(space).co (REMOVE SPACE!)

Peppa: Let's go!

(One really boring process later)

Peppa: Why can't I log on?

(Computer Shuts off, then comes back on)

Peppa: WHAT THE Censored IS GOING ON!?

Hacker: Congrats on being hacked XDDDDDDDDDDD!

Peppa: Who are you?

Hacker: I'm the most famous robloxian hacker, 1x1x1x1!

Peppa: Censored Idiot!

1x1x1x1: You call me a Censored Idiot? You will pay! Hackers, take her away!

(Roblox breaks in the chat group)

Roblox: I don't think so!

Peppa and 1x1x1x1: Holy Censored, it's Roblox!

Roblox: I blocked the whole band of hackers!

1x1x1x1: You blocked John Doe, Jane Doe, IhavLV, CPUvirtualization, and Greg!?

Roblox: Yep!

1x1x1x1: It's time to end this! Shall we, C0mmunity?

C0mmunity: Yes, indeed!

Roblox: Why the Censored are you betraying your creator?

Eric.Cassel: Count me in!

Roblox: Eric.Cassel!?

Peppa: I thought you were dead!

Eric.Cassel: I'm a hacker, you Censored!

C0mmunity: Alright, i'm sick of this Censored! It's time to hack!

(Every account on Roblox is hacked)

Peppa: You won't get away with this!

(The chat closes down, and Roblox shut down)

Peppa: Censored! It's time to vist Roblox personally!

(At roblox)

Roblox: Peppa! It's too dangerous to be here, so i'll be a Censored and kick you off!

(Peppa gets kicked off)

Peppa: This is pure Censored The hackers are deleting the world, Roblox is being a Censored, and all forns of life are endangered. Y'know what, I don't give two Censored about Roblox, we need to end this!

(Peppa runs into the building)

C0mmunity: Where the Censored did she go?

1x1x1x1: I don't give two Censored about her!

C0mmunity: Right.

Roblox: Please don't kill me, I have a wife and two kids.

Roblox jr. And Robloxia: Daddy!!!

1x1x1x1: Like I thought, you're a Censored Coward!

Roblox: Censored!!!!!

Peppa: What is the worst thing roblox has ever done?

Erik.cassel: It's too late!

Peppa: No! (Stabs him with a sword and he dies)

Spirt of Hacker: YOU LIVING LITTLE PIECE OF PINK Censored!

Peppa: I need to hurry, by the way Censored you.

C0mmunity: This is why you don't interfere with aldults! Shall we Erik/Damson? Camson?

Samson: I'm Dead Censored, HAVEN'T YOU READ THE Censored TRANSCRIPT!?

C0mmunity: Censored, Well, any last words.

Peppa: Yes, watch this Censored!

(Roblox anthem plays)

Hackers: Oh Censored! Not this!

(Hackers Explode)

Peppa: Holy Censored, I did it!

(Roblox turns back to normal)

Roblox: Censored I'm a Censored!!

The end (For story 1)

The fresh DEAD Tix

Peppa: Why is everything in the catalog in Tix?

Daddy: Because they're removing Tix

Peppa: Oh Censored! It's time to spend the tix

(50 Tix = 3 robux)

Mummy: PEPPA YOU CensoredING NOOB, YOU ONLY HAVE 50 tix!?

Peppa:: Censored you, Censored!

(Peppa buys a hat)

Daddy: YOU SPENT ALL OF THAT ROBUX ON A Censored HAT!!!??????

Peppa: It was the only thing I could afford.

Roblox: We've decided to be Censored and remove Tix.

Robloxians: NOOOOOO! WHY, YOU Censoreds!!!!!

Roblox: Because we want your moms' credit cards!

Peppa: (Watches Olzer) Finally, free robux!

Daddy: YOU SPENT 3 Censored ROBUX ON A Censored HAT!


Daddy: Woteva Woteva

Mummy: What the Censored Is "Woteva Wotevea"

Daddy: It means I don't you Dumb Censored!

(Continue here)

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