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Peppa: *pulls up to her house in the PEPPAMOBILE* Good to be home.

George: *walks out* Peppa!, shoo-shoo.

Peppa: Hush it, George. >:(

George: Butthole. *walks in*

Peppa: *drives to Her CLUB*

[10 minutes later]

Peppa: *walks in*|Radio: hit the shops, hit the shops, YEAH!, But you are|Peppa: *runs to the radio*|thing, everything, YEAH!, So hit the mall and kill |Peppa: *smashes radio*, YEAH!!!

Everyone else: *cover mouths*

Peppa: HERE'S PEPPA!!! *slices Jeffery\Jake's heads off* HAHA!!, *laughs evilly*

Rebecca: Peppa?, why would you evilly laugh and smash a radio?

Peppa: The song was horrible and because the evil laugh is cool.

Danny: Thanks, they were evil ones.

[at the bank]

Peppa: Danny and I will get the money, Suzy will hold the hostage and Freddy will hack the cameras, Ready?, GO!

[in the vault]

Danny: We should hold the-*looks back*-There's a guy.

Peppa: *runs to the guy* HERE'S PEPPA!!!! *slices the guys head off* *laughs evilly*

[the next day.......]

Danny: Crappyh-*starts shooting the assault rifle at Jacob*-Come on, d-*dies*

Peppa: Danny!, you deserve it.>:(

[Please finish]

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