Peppa becomes a criminal.


Peppa is at the bank.

Peppa: That vault has something good in it! I want it.

Later at Peppa's tree house,

Peppa: Roll call for robbery! Pedro! Suzy! Littlebat10! Danny! George! Freddy!

Freddy Fox: When am I here?

Peppa: I have a slick black car lets go go GOOOO!

Freddy: Do I have to come?

Peppa: YES YOU DO!!! COME ON!!!


Littlebat10 has a bomb.

Littlebat10: SUPRISE SUCKAS!!! (throws bomb)

Bomb: (explodes)

Police Guy: What the what?!

Littlebat10: Freeze! This is a raid! Hand over the underwear!

Peppa: Were robbing a bank.

Littlebat10: You told me we were on a panty raid in the underwear factory.

Peppa: I clearly told you we were NOT raiding a panty factory!

Police Guy: No money for you! (falls asleep in box of donuts)

Littlebat10: (walks over to vault and busts it open) Gotcha! (takes money) Let's get out!

The gang gets in the car and get away.

Peppa: The cops!

Suzy: (shoots out of back window)

Littlebat10: (drives off bridge into free way)

On sidewalk,

/\lfirk: It's nice being retire- what the god?

In the car,

Littlebat10: You'll never take me alive copper!

Peppa: To the tree house! This car is the Peppamobile now!

Later at the tree house,

Peppa: We have a car. Money. And now some black outfits.

Danny: Were epic!

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