Previous: Peppa the Criminal


Peppa continues her life of crime.


[Peppa and her gang walk around the streets like bosses]

Littlebat10: [singing] You can tell by the way I walk I'm a lady's man-

George: Look a copper. A COPPER!!! RUN!!!

They jump in the Peppa mobile and speed away.

Suzy: The choppers are on our trail!

Littlebat10: (speeds off a cliff)

Freddy: No! No! No!

Peppa: Why does this happen to me?!

George: I feel the urge to try to fus ro dah once more. FUS RO DAH!!!

The street explodes.

George: It worked! I can fus ro dah in times of need!

Danny: Were going off the dock!

The car speeds into a boat.

Police Guy: Freeze! Your under arrest!

George: FUS RO DAH!!!!!!!!!!!!

The boat explodes with everything within 100 feet.

Littlebat10: Get on!

The gang gets on a life boat.

George: I want the Push Crystal. I could fus ro dah everything.

Peppa: Ok.


George: I have it! (busts through museum wall)

The crystal squishes into George's body.

George: It tickles! (absorbs ultimate power)

Police Chopper: Freeze!

George: I will get them.

Peppa: How?

George: Get on the boat!

Everyone including George gets on the boat.

George: In there tongue, he is Georgos. George! FUS RO DAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The boat goes flying into Peppa's bedroom window and everyone on the planet forgets they were criminals.

Peppa: Lets give up the operation, shall we? We don't want to be on the run anymore.

Group: Agreed!

Everyone went home and the crime spree was over.

The End (the end sign is blown up by a fus ro dah)

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