Peppa the VIP cast in:

Peppa as herself

George as Peppa's Assistance

Mummy Pig as Poor Lady

Granny Pig also Poor Lady

Mrs.Pony Poor Lady

Daddy Pig as Butler

Grandad Dog as Poor Man

Mr.Elephant as Poor Man

Miss Rabbit as iPhone Seller/Director

Suzy Sheep/Emily Elephant/Candy Cat/Simon Squirrel as Lost Group 1

Pedro Pony/Chloe Pig/Cindy Chipmunk/Kylie Kangaroo Lost Group 2

Grandpa Pig as Director

Peppa's lifestyle and movies

Peppa the VIP

Peppa Pig was a popular child her latest movie was "On The Western" and she worked with his brother/assistance,George

Peppa the Fariy

"The Night Fairy" was a popular fairytale movie.

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