This page has been rated X, meaning it contains some swearing and some cartoon violence for readers under the age of  14.


-A building explodes-

Peppa: What the heck was that?

Apple Juice: Yo itz a me Apple Juice 

Peppa: Wait Apple Juice

Apple Juice: -blows up a car- Yep and I challenge you to a fight

Peppa: -wearing a bikini- Okay

Apple Juice: -tries to blow up Peppa but misses and blows up his house instead

Peppa: -gets TNT and puts it into Apple Juice's body- Hasta la vista, baby

Rated X: -on his IBM Simon- Yes Rated G, PG, PG-13, and R i'm now a kid TV rating and I hate NC-17 for replacing me..wait holy cow I better get out of here -runz fast into a house full of ratings-

Apple Juice: Wait..what -blows up-

Peppa: Guess I won

The End