Peppa wakes up

I really wanted PGN to last longer than this, but I realized that I have no ideas XD

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George: PEPPAAAAA! PEPPAAAAAA!!!! ~running around freaking out~

Peppa: ~flies over~ yyyyyess? :D

George: you're lighting fires everywhere! this is causing a serious amount of deaths!!

~the camera shows Zoe zebra~

Zoe: ~runs in circles on fire screaming then blows up~

Peppa: oh, that! you see, George. fire makes the world go round! just think of the pizza ovens or the bonfires,

George: you do have a point...

Peppa: ~with fire in her eyes~ OR THE BURNING PEOPLE

George: ~screams~

Peppa: oh hush! ~flies away~

George:....~shrugs and writes some stuff down~

Peppa: ~flying everywhere~ WOOHOOWOOHOO!

Emily elephant: oh no! crazy Peppa's gonna crash!

Peppa: THIS IS THE BEST DAY OF MY LIIIII-- ~crashes into an electrical chord~

the chord shocked Peppa severely and she fell on the ground unconsious

she woke up in a bed in a hospital room with papers on the wall that say 'wake up, peppa!' and 'get well soon!'

Peppa: oh. that shock must have been pretty bad. welp, I'm off again! ~ tries to fly up~

~but when she tried to fly, nothing happened.~

Peppa: WHAT?

Mummy pig: ~runs in~ Peppa! ~picks her up and hugs her~


Mummy pig: you've been unconscious for a year. we all thought you were never gonna wake up!

Peppa: so this means....I never had any of my awesome powers?

Mummy pig: nope.

Peppa: and I never loved fire?

Mummy pig: your mind must have created a sub-conscious other reality.

Peppa: that can't be true! PLEASE SAY THAT'S NOT TRUE!

Mummy pig: I'm sorry, but it's the only possible reason. there were security cameras all over the room to see when you woke up and you never moved.

Suzy walks in with flowers and balloons.

Suzy: I came as soon as I heard you were awake. Peppa, I'm really REALLY sorry about what I said. I was having a really bad day, and I didn't realise I was all you had...

Peppa: you mean it?

Suzy: of course I do. you're my best friend in the whole world ever :) know what? I forgive you. and I'm glad to be back

~adorable group hug~

~daddy pig runs in~

Daddy pig: Peppa! ~joins in on the hug~

Peppa: I'm so glad to be back. hey. where's George?

George: AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ~flies in through the wall, and green fire spreads everywhere~ EEHEEHEEHEEHEEHEEHEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!

Daddy pig: oh yeah. and while you were gone, George went crazy without you and that happened.

Peppa: what!? NO FAIR!

Daddy pig: I DON'T CARE!